5 Characteristics of Smart Cities

March 28, 2018

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Smart Cities of The Future or Smart Cities of TomorrowSmart cities? Smart cities of the future or smart cities of tomorrow? This new trend, where the technology is the main character, is known by different names. The world is evolving and everyday there are new and innovative technological ideas that allow a better functioning of a determined space and provides quality of life —and an improved workaday— to the citizens that live in it. Smart cities are not new spaces, but cities that, thanks to the constant technological evolution, can be called that way. A smart city of the future has a governor that includes technology to all the aspects of the daily routine, with the intention of giving people —and their next generation— a better future. In addition, a smart city also cares about improving transit, in order to avoid traffic collapses at rush hours, among other characteristics we will be mentioning later on.

Before getting into the topic of this blog, it is important to highlight that nowadays, Colombia is on its way to have smart cities of the future or smart cities. Colombian Government has introduced different proposals that allow this territory to be a source for new technologies that will improve in great scales the citizens' way of life. A very significant subject and one of the first characteristics that identifies a smart city is its infrastructure: how do buildings look like, how they were built and how do these buildings help to maintain the environmental and energetical areas of a city. In this sense, as Colombian architects, we focus on building structures with computational design that have smart characteristics, that means smart designs. To our specialists, it is essential to consider important details when building smart designs, this, on the side of innovation, modern, adaptable and viable results —faraway from common architectural design.

Smart Cities
The smart cities of tomorrow are territories that take a chance on the 3.0 system, where the Internet and the technologies it brings are the new life proposals. It is not an easy path as it's a tough and constant task, but with discipline and hard work, cities can adopt a new way of life. The whole world has its sights set on these technological tools, that will help to have smart citizens, smart governments and also, will promote a good use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), toward to become possible a life conditions improvement.

Characteristics of Smart Cities

Some Smart Cities Around the World
Now that we have gone through these five characteristics and we know how to identify a smart city, we want to show you some of the smart cities around the world that have stood out for their hard work on making citizens' lives easier and helping the environment by the implementation of integrated technologies all over the territory.

Bogota as an Smart City
This Colombian territory is starting to become a smart city. Every day, it puts into practice more technological advances and the Government has supported this new trend to make Bogota the city of tomorrow that Colombians dream of. On a press release related to this topic, you can find all the technological proposals that President Juan Manuel Santos government has done: environment monitoring and indicators, free Wi-fi, surveillance cameras, educational tablets, job recruitment and paperwork from your house. Additionally, he recognizes Bogota as a leader on smart cities implementation. If you want to read the press release, click here.
Bogotá is Leader on Smart Cities in Colombia
At echeverrimontes we Design Smart
As a firm of Colombian architects, we work hard to implement this new trend. In December 2017, we had a joint participation in a project for Bogota City. After various meetings that involved innovative processes, it was possible to structure a pilot project for an Innovation and Experimentation Centre. The global network that we work as Colombian architects, along with Domenico Di Siena, is called Civic Wise and we hope to keep innovating in future projects.

If you need Colombian architects that create computational designs and take part of this new smart cities trend, echeverrimontes is your best choice. As a firm of Colombian architects, we provide smart solutions adapted to our clients' needs. To learn more about the services we offer, call us at +57 1 2350253 or fill our contact form. We will be happy to assist you!
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