5 Important Elements in The Remodeling of Houses and Apartments

August 29, 2018

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Remodeling of Houses and Apartments in Digital Format and Architectural PlansThe current trend promotes both the digital era and innovative ideas with a vision towards the future. At echeverrimontes we focus on applying digital technologies and we take advantage of new tools to open a wide field of design that involves everything from virtual realities and design algorithms, to even touching artificial intelligence issues. Our perspective, in front of the own remodeling activities of houses and apartments, allows us to create the possibilities of design and dialogue with our clients, to generate novel ideas on interior design and remodeling.

Our publication is aimed at guiding those who are interested in identifying the general and specific issues in remodeling houses and apartments when thinking about redesigning your home. We propose the following important aspects about the remodeling of houses and apartments:

Validity and Actuality

A current environment is undoubtedly a significant attribute for those who undertake a project to remodel houses and apartments, without neglecting the need to create appropriate spaces and wide perspectives.

Nowadays, spaces for collective participation in housing areas allow integrating the family group in all domestic activities. The spatial and functional composition made up of clear spaces, straight lines, and clean planes, provide a harmonious and avant-garde structure, highlighting the formal and volumetric qualities of the architecture.

Neutral Colors

Modern tradition has left us the use of materials in their natural state; this tendency tilts the balance depending on the range of colors derived from the same nature that characterizes these materials. It also promotes the use of light tones, with an emphasis on the gray color of the concrete, the white, the cream tones and the natural colors of the vegetation.

In the Remodeling of Houses and Apartments We Work Neutral ColorsWith innovative ideas in project design, the contrast of natural colors with strong tones has been implemented, mainly primary colors (yellow, blue and magenta), emphasizing particular aspects of the spaces, forming happy and fun compositional schemes, an aspect remarkable in interior design and renovation.


In the actuality, spaces are enriched with the implementation of transparencies that allow them to project from the inside to the outside and vice versa, with deeper views, where the physical limits of the stained glass do not interfere in the perception between the inside and the outside. Likewise, it enlarges the existing spaces through a work of remodeling houses and apartments. The result is a sense of breadth and depth, in addition to providing wealth and closeness to the environment.

When you decide to carry out a remodeling of your house or apartment you should think about the environmental qualities, the balance and the peace that you want to transmit through that space and the integral enjoyment of architecture. At echeverrimontes we are interested in important aspects such as the balance between natural and artificial lighting, which gives a unique style to each space. A characteristic of elegant and sophisticated design that our interior designers in Bogotá care about.


Minimalism in the remodeling of houses and apartments is characterized by the use of the elements in their minimal expression.

In the Remodeling of Houses and Apartments We give a Good Use of Natural LightingA diaphanous and simple composition seeks to highlight the value of the elements in their minimum expression to turn the main interest in the spatial qualities and the nature of the materials; that's what echeverrimontes projects in their designs. This contemporary vision integrates originality with the versatility and distinction of our good taste, always showing our excellent work.

Harmony and Balance

At echeverrimontes we are interested in generating spaces of quality that promote good living. We are pleased to create modern environments based on comfort, harmony, elegance, and balance.

At echeverrimontes we are creative and restless professionals focused on taking advantage of technological resources and the development of new design ideas. Our firm of architects with experience in interior design in Bogotá is able to turn any space into a sober place with a distinctive style.

If the new trends are the prelude to what is to come, in the next decade we will see a substantial change in terms of interior design and functionality. We want to transmit through our architectural works the reality of the future, creating sustainable and flexible spaces.

echeverrimontes offers a unique and innovative style in the remodeling of houses and apartments, always providing the best orientation in Bogota or wherever you are.

Whenever you need advice from interior designers in Bogotá, echeverrimontes is your best option. We are a group of professionals in interior design that will help you to fulfill your remodeling of houses and apartments project. Contact us by calling at +57 1 2350253 or leave a message in the contact form on this page and enjoy the architectural and design services of echeverrimontes. We will gladly assist you.

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