5 Key Features of Coworking Design

September 27, 2019

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5 Key Features of Coworking Design.As new business models appear, it's getting more common to see coworking spaces where diverse professionals gather. The coworking concept has a positive impact on new business models, as it provides efficiency and functionality.
The effective use of space tends to generate better operativity, but to get there, a work team needs their work environment to inspire creativity and productivity.

Nowadays, comprehensive architectural design is widely applied in coworking areas since they foster the diversity of disciplines and professionals in individual or collective areas according to the needs, while always looking to potentiate productivity and creativity.
5 Key Features of Coworking Design in White Office.A coworking-inspired office remodeling goes through different stages of conceptualizing and analysis that go beyond just area, material, and furniture choosing. Every step should consider the types of work and the evolving process of each job description. The conceptual planning of a coworking space needs to remain flexible enough to adapt to the constant evolution of today's business models.

At echeverrimontes architects, we are a firm of experts in office design in Bogotá. Thanks to our highly creative projects, we stand out as one of the best firms across Colombia. From echeverrimontes architects, we want to show you the key features of coworking spaces to help you plan your office space.
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Importance of Coworking Design

As office design experts, we consider that office design can determine the level of creativity and productivity of a work team.

Models of smart use and distribution of coworking spaces are meant to have a positive impact on work team dynamics, as well as increased comfort and higher communication standards among professionals. This is all aimed to stimulate collaborative and creative work.

At the same time, entrepreneurs and freelancers are now more interested in accessing coworking spaces because they encourage synergic work to favor the development of their own projects. One of the most important practical advantages of coworking spaces is that they have a lower rent cost (based on hours of work) as compared to the expense of renting an individual venue.
5 Key Features of Coworking Design with White Furniture.

Key Features of Coworking Design

At echeverrimontes architects, we know that this modern office trend has become widely recognized in the last years, thanks to its positive input into social and professional development. These are the most important features of coworking design that echeverrimontes architects want to share with you.

1. Design and Decor

It's essential to avoid unnecessary furniture and excessive decoration in coworking spaces. This sobriety transforms the coworking space into a productive and functional space with smart distribution and attractive decor, at the same time avoiding distraction and boosting concentration.

The whole design must be inspiring since individuals tend to be more productive when working in places where they feel at ease. One of the keys to achieving this is keeping the space functional, open, and roomy.
5 Key Features of Coworking Design with Yellow Decorated.

2. Dividing Elements

This is fundamental in coworking spaces because it encourages relationships to flow between the professionals in a work team.

Although the space must remain roomy and decluttered, each person will need their privacy at a given point. That's when dividing elements come in the picture. However, it's important to use them whole keeping space and esthetic values.
Aim to keep more public and more private spaces with transparent materials, opaque finishes or phono-absorbent materials as necessary, depending on the purpose of each place.

3. Versatile, Ergonomic Furniture

When furnishing a coworking space, echeverrimontes architects recommend functional and adaptable furniture that caters to the needs of the work team.
We are expert in coworking designThe market offers a myriad of sophisticated alternatives that also guarantee the safety and wellness of workers. Some great options are foldable tables, long tables, and counters, ergonomic chairs, boards and corks for the walls and other pieces (preferably flexible, foldable, modular, lightweight and moveable) since they facilitate the processes in a coworking space.

4. Reflecting Personality Through Color

The color palette can make or break a coworking space. According to the psychology of color, light or neutral colors create a sensation of openness and clarity, thus inducing calm and cooperation between workers, while dark colors make the space heavy and closed; however, this is not always bad as it might help concentration. It is important to find a chromatic balance to create a positive and collaborative atmosphere in the workplace.
5 Key Features of Coworking Design with Yellow Furniture.

5. Lighting

Coworking areas need to be perfectly illuminated, always keeping in mind the optimal levels to avoid visual tiredness, which might affect productivity. It has been shown that natural lighting encourages productivity and creativity, so it's recommended to take advantage of natural light as much as possible and combine it with LED lighting for the afternoon and night.

At echeverrimontes architects, we consider that coworking design calls for detailed care for space quality and dynamics to boost a work team's productivity and creativity.
5 Key Features of Coworking Design with Lighting.

Expert Architects in Office Design in Bogota

Echeverrimontes architects is a firm with a specialty in interior design and office remodeling in Colombia. We offer integral professional services and architectural and interior design. This includes planning, project and building managing, all with innovative methodologies and technology, applied by our qualified staff. Our team of interior designers share an integral criterion for office remodeling and create livable, attractive, and functional spaces to work comfortably and productively.
5 Key Features of Coworking Design by Expert Team.If you need office design in Bogota, get in touch with us at +57 1 2350253 or via WhatsApp (315) 6432260. You can also leave a message in our contact form below. The team at echeverrimontes architects will help you achieve the elegant yet edgy look you want for your office space.

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