Applications of Domotics in the Current Architecture

January 24, 2019

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Applications of Domotics in the Current ArchitectureToday, the millennial generation lives in a constant development where living, working and interacting are based on characteristics like technological and virtual reality. When it comes to technological advances and new housing strategies, we can refer to the implementation of domotics in the architectural concept, which through the application of a smart design offers a spatial conception that raises the levels of comfort and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Domotics revolutionizes the conditions of use of buildings, as it generates opportunities for functional use in terms of safety, energy savings, and welfare of those who inhabit these spaces. It has helped to reduce domestic accidents and control the maintenance costs of a home or office.

At echeverrimontes we are a firm of ingenious architects, interested in taking advantage of the latest technologies offered by the architectural industry. We carry out each of our projects based on the sustainability and functionality of the spaces, which promote an integral architecture, using a holistic approach. Our 15 years of experience rate us as a group of leading professionals throughout the Colombian territory, always reflecting smart designs in all our architectural works. Next, we present you interesting information on domotics so you can learn more about its benefits in activities of daily life.
Applications of Domotics in the Current Architecture What is it

What is Domotics?

Domotics can be defined as one of the areas of technology that consists of the domain and supervision of all the elements that make up a building, whether it's an office, home, or apartment. This strategic area works with applications created to adapt to local conditions and apply control in order to automate the building. The general objective is efficiency in the management of resources, safety, and comfort since domotics generates integration and dialogue between the user and the system.

The application of smart design and domotics increases every day, as users' interest in transforming the spaces of their home with technological devices that allow them to simplify household chores to save time and energy grows. Domotics has been developed with the purpose of creating intelligent environments, free of contaminants and much more ecological.

Architecture and domotics are integrated into the interior design, since it is becoming easier to implement, thanks to the reduction of costs, and thus expanding the range of products and the manufacturers' offer. Undoubtedly, through domotics, the management of devices is optimized, so that any activity that the user needs to perform, whether work or entertainment, can be developed with total comfort and immediate access.

How Does Domotics Work?

Domotics incorporates new technologies in buildings so that the user can manipulate all the devices that make up the installation in a centralized manner. These devices have associated sensors that allow them to gather information and communicate with the domotics center through a communication network, either in person or remotely by means of intelligent appliances. At echeverrimontes we want to mention some of the functions of domotics within the design of a space:
Applications of Domotics in the Current Architecture Funtions
  1. Increases levels of comfort and versatility.

  2. Improves and increases the security of buildings and spaces.

  3. Automates all electrical systems and installations of the space.

  4. Minimizes the consumption of electricity, water and fuel.

  5. Performs continuous monitoring of the different spaces.

  6. Improves the access to elements that adapt to the needs of people with disabilities.
The following are some of the reasons why domotics impacts the architecture of the future since it is a wide and complex field that can provide greater comfort, control, and security to buildings and all those spaces that require a smart design.

Advantages of the Domotics Application

The implementation of domotics in the current architecture entails a series of advantages that promote the integral development of society. This system can be managed in a generalized way through a control panel that allows the user to supervise their smart home, also through mobile applications. The implementation of domotics in architectural design offers advantages both to users and to the team of designer architects, who enhance their designs through interactivity with users. These advantages can be:

Likewise, at echeverrimontes, as experts committed to our work, we offer a smart design in each of the projects we undertake, always looking for the application of automation methodologies in daily life.
Applications of Domotics in the Current Architecture Generates Smart Projects

In Which Areas of the Current Architecture Does Domotics apply?

Nowadays, we can find various technological tools in applications such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, which allow the people who inhabit these projects to interact intelligently in the management of their spaces and the development of their daily lives in areas like:

These are some factors that domotics integrates to simplifies the lives of those who live in intelligent spaces and promoting a pleasant, sophisticated and avant-garde atmosphere. At echeverrimontes we believe that the smart design revolutionizes current interior design and its spatiality, raising the levels of comfort that can be exploited by users.

Expert Architects in Smart design

At echeverrimontes we strive to please our clients reaching high-quality standards and meet their aesthetic and functional expectations. We focus the smart design of our projects on the comfort, safety, control, energy efficiency and, above all, the well-being of our customers. In addition, in our firm, we implement new technologies to create viable and sustainable projects, that suits budgetary and programmatic objectives, since we are interested in the feasibility of the projects to meet our clients' expectations.

That is why, if you want to apply domotics in the interior design of your spaces, contact echeverrimontes by calling at +57 1 2350253 or by our WhatsApp (315) 6432260. Through our online service we offer you a space of open dialogue to answer all your concerns about your project and advise you on what steps, as creative architects, we recommend. You can also leave us a message in the contact form below. Contact us and we will gladly assist you!

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