Architectural Design from the Perspective of Computational Design

October 30, 2019

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Architectural Design from the Perspective of Computational DesignAt echeverrimontes architects, we want our projects to be based on an integral approach. For this, we do research and development, apply state-of-the-art architectural design technology, and take advantage of the creative and digital resources we have at hand.

As experts in architectural design in Bogota, we consider that we can broaden the possibilities in each of the projects we develop with the help of computational design-thinking incubator. Our creative capacities allow us to evaluate different proposals and broaden the horizons on our clients' ideas to present a wider variety of alternatives and possibilities when it comes to solving design problems. We understand design from a dynamic, ever-innovative perspective.
Architectural Design from the Perspective of Computational Design in 3DAt echeverrimontes architects, we are a firm of professionals with experience in project design and development. We are well-known across Colombia thanks to the quality of our professional team and our integral vision. As professionals of architecture, we encompass project structuring and business development, while also including our practical experience of design and prototypes from the digital building lab. All this allows us to validate our ideas in a continuous Flow between ideas, creation, and practical development.

Likewise, we consider that the practice of computational design has the potential of transforming the architectural industry. Design, as seen from a broad perspective, must incorporate new technologies to take advantage of human ingenuity and data availability to carry out more suitable and sustainable projects. In this article, we want to provide you with relevant information about our computational design services.
We are expert in architectural and computational design

Innovation Through Computational Design

The practice of computational design is based on the laying out of networks between creative minds and computers/digital devices. To work these two aspects together, both the technical capabilities and the creative talent of the designer are taken into account. In the context of project development, the professional profile of architects has changed over the last decades. The practice has experiences a technological change, while the boundaries between disciplines get blurred as a response to more complex design and creative challenges. Today, computational designers have a leadership role within interdisciplinary design teams.

Design is an exploratory process that implies problem-solving and creativity to see the world differently. Triggered by inspiration, a non-linear process ends in continuous innovation. Moreover, Comprehensive Architectural Design is backed up by ever-changing technology. Computational thought (as defined by the informatics theoretician and engineer Jannette Wing) proposes that design is an opportunity to solve complex problems based on data processing.
Architectural Design from the Perspective of Computational Design in Vitual Area.In this context, innovation is understood as the creation of new ideas and the implementing of such ideas in the wake of new business opportunities. The designer leads the process of project design and development. At echeverrimontes architects, we implement new technologies and specialized software such as Rhino and Grasshopper, as well as develop new algorithms for architectural data management and optimization processes.

Computational design brings together professionals from different disciplines (Tim Brown). Computational processes integrate different disciplinary environments in a team where science, technique, and creativity come together in a continuous workflow, since the birth of the idea to the fabrication and production (Antoine Picon).
How is an Architectonic Project Evaluated at echeverrimontes? - Related PostThis new creative environment promotes new ideas that defy the standards of feasibility from their first thought. As Tedeschi stated: "The relationship between the tools we use to investigate space and the way in which we conceive it – and therefore, the way our mind participates in the creative process of design – is a constant dialectic and dynamic process. The influence of tools conceived as both theoretical investigation and computational platforms is marking vanguard experiments in modern architecture, product design, and fashion."

The power of transforming our environment today lies in the availability of information and the clarity of project goals. Through computational processes, engineer Jannette Wing interprets the code as data, and data as code in order to generalize the dimensional analysis of common language that favors interaction between different branches of knowledge.
Architectural Design from the Perspective of Computational Design in Digital View.Computational thought unleashes computational power in the context of creativity – the real power lies in the design of mixed networks of humans and machines. Through computational knowledge, human intellect and creativity can be utilized along with computational technology. For a computational designer, codification and programming are creatively stimulating tools. "Understanding that design is relational first and foremost – even before its physical manifestation – is the paradigm that re-valorizes the role of the designer's creativity all the while it codifies the relationships that generate results for those complex systems."

Nowadays, defying computability involves data processing in a defined model that includes both arithmetic and non-arithmetic steps. This means that the processes can be split up in parts (parallel processing), executed in different processors or else solved resourcefully and split into smaller, more manageable tasks. This is the particular condition of a professional in computational design that can behave as the leader of a computational design process.
Architectural Design from the Perspective of Computational Design in Parametrics Bot.A computational designer leads the formulation of a system of entwined knowledge which can be organized in different disciplines. This is done through different computational processes during the structuring of the project. From a holistic point of view, the computational designer is the data manager of the project since he holds the knowledge and capacity to process all aspects and make important decisions.

Creative and Innovative Architectural Designers

The multidisciplinary team at echeverrimontes offers integral, unique solutions in architectural design. we use the latest and most innovative methodologies to design, plan, manage, and build architectural projects.

A creative ecosystem where interaction between creative minds flows freely becomes a pioneer when materializing possible ideas. "If architects (and other professionals in the interdisciplinary team) are prepared to interrupt digital workflow in some key stages and stimulate an alternative aesthetics (AD 03: 2017), design derives in viable ideas being materialized."

Computational design makes possible the interaction between human ingenuity and computational technology. Through digital manufacturing, it is possible to quickly develop a minimum viable prototype. This prototype will provide a concept proof for innovative ideas and allow a non-linear workflow that improves the decision-making process.
Architectural Design from the Perspective of Computational Design in 3D Preview.Architectural design is increasing its involvement in environmental factors, shapes, and parameters. For this reason, computational design is growing and taking importance in architecture, informatics, and engineering. At echeverrimontes architects, we apply all the new digital tools to architectural projects through a creative process, from the initial research to the final product.

In conclusion, echeverimontes architects is the firm you are looking for if you want a team of architects with integral values, ingenuity, and eagerness for avant-garde and functional design. To learn more about our services, call us at +57 1 2350253 o our WhatsApp (315) 6432260. You can also leave your message in the contact form on this site. At echeverrimontes architects, we'll be glad to help you.

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