Benefits and Characteristics of Domotics in Smart Architecture

May 29, 2019

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Render of the Benefits and Characteristics of Domotics in Smart Architecture.Domotics in smart architectural design represents a fundamental tool to achieve highly efficient, functional and comforting results, since this system works as an indicator that provides satisfying results in a construction's sustainability. The concept "Domotics" surfaced in the US back in the seventies as a desire of architects to adjust the impact of the construction on the environment and at the same time, to create an interaction between the edification and the users that would live in it. Thanks to such advances and technological developments, the home automation system was first created.

This computational evolution transformed the architecture in regard of the preservation of natural resources and in turn, proposed actions that allowed a fluid user-building communication. At echeverrimontes, we are innovating professionals in every architecture area who know domotics consents efficient coordination and interaction of what people do inside a structure, so that, they can complete simple tasks like checking their heating system, their appliances, illumination, control systems, security system, etc. This connection between the user and the building suggests a better quality of life, and a reduction of the negative impact in the environment.
Users and the Benefits and Characteristics of Domotics in Smart Architecture.At echeverrimontes, we focus on showing our holistic vision of architecture and smart design in every one of our projects, since we consider that a sustainable and functional edification is the key to build structures that satisfy clients and their surroundings. In today's post, we will deliver important information about how domotics work when you implement it in architectural design.

How Does Domotics Work in Architecture?

One of the main attributes of domotics is the efficiency it brings when performing architecture, since it integrates smart systems that allow the edification's sustainability indicators to increase. Additionally, the usage of domotics stands out in constructions, as this system can improve the comfort, functionality or the performance of a structure, making the users' interaction with it way easier.

Thus, once the control systems are optimized and the wireless communications are integrated, robotics and artificial intelligence interact automatically in all the building areas to generate excellent livable conditions.
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Benefits of Domotics in Architecture

The advantages that this system brings to smart designing are infinite, because thanks to algorithms and domotics implemented to architectural structures, you can benefit from the spatial opportunities and adapt them to satisfying the user's needs. At echeverrimontes, we consider domotics carries great benefits that influence a person's perception and improve a construction's inhabiting, and those are:
Model of the Benefits and Characteristics of Domotics in Smart Architecture.

Domotics' Characteristics

Without any doubt, it's clear that implementing smart functions and controls along with domotics results in important benefits to the users who will live in the building. Now, echeverrimontes will show you some characteristics of domotics working aside of smart architecture:
  1. One of domotics' characteristics is that, in a way, integrates all the building's electromagnetic functions. Likewise, it stands out for automatize routine and tedious activities such as the building's energy saving; its voltage regulators and its adequate illumination according the needed intensity.
  2. Domotics also does the job of looking out for the building's green areas' irrigation; the system measures the moisture variable, taking under consideration the season of the year and the time of day. The irrigation system working with domotics activates remotely and uses wastewater that the building stores to promote water-saving.
  3. Another important function helped by domotics is security and accident prevention, since this system coordinately prevents unexpected or accidental situation. Also, domotics safeguards any type of power blackouts, avoiding the overloads caused by a sudden switch on of any electrical devices inside the construction that could put in risk all the electrical installation.
Illustration of the Benefits and Characteristics of Domotics in Smart Architecture.Nowadays, the practice of smart design and domotics in architecture is increasing more and more thanks to the live interest of users that want to transform their homes or offices spaces with the help of technological devices that lets them simplify daily tasks, safe time and energy. Domotics has been developing with the purpose of creating contamination-free smart environments that are more ecological to society.

Architects Firm Specialized in Smart Design

echeverrimontes is a firm full of innovative, creative and curious architects that introduce the latest technological advances in all of their projects. We achieve this trough new strategies and methodologies to guarantee excellency in every project we build. As responsible professionals, we believe that the benefits of smart designing are innumerable with the use of domotics, since it eases and simplifies daily tasks made inside a house or an office. Thanks to our 15 year-experience in the market, we are positioned as the first choice in architectural services in Colombia or wherever you are in world globe.
Benefits and Characteristics of Domotics in Smart Architecture.We stand out for our innovative proposal creations linked to smart design with the holistic vision that define us. That's why if you need a team of architects' expert in smart design and domotics, don't hesitate to call us at +57 1 2350253 or at our WhatsApp line (315) 6432260. Through our online service we offer you a space of open dialogue to answer all your concerns about your project and advise you on what steps, as creative architects, we recommend. Also, you can contact us at echeverrimontes, we will be pleased to assist you and let you know every one of our services.

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