BIM in Architecture

May 30, 2018

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Graphic Representation of Plans with the Use of BIM in ArchitectureTechnology moves forward in all aspects of contemporary life. BIM (Building Information Modeling) system represents a very important development in architecture and design field, that you will discover through the professional experience that we offer at echeverrimontes.

According to Charles Eastman, BIM means "a digital representation of the building process to facilitate the exchange and interoperability of information in digital format". Building Information Modeling is then, a technology that shows the virtual construction of a structure with its own features; when shared among project team members (architects, engineers, contractors, owners, facility managers, and sustainable design professionals) intends to increase the amount of communication and collaboration. With BIM we improve the integration of the required data in a project, we verify its consistency, we coordinate each technique applied and we simulate the work in virtual reality; all these steps allow us to provide the expenses of the project. BIM comprises a holistic process of structuring a project through technology-based tools to create and apply digital models in three dimensions (3D) and in real time for a better performance of the structure, project's management and of course, the viability of its construction.

In this sense, Building Information Modeling is the perfect combination of a software and the process that allows the creation of innovative architectonic projects. People that read about BIM for the first time, may think that only by acquiring a license they can manage the software perfectly. What they don't know is that BIM is not just a state-of-the-art technology software used to show a construction just as it would look in physic reality, but it also demands a list of requirements from the manager. In other words, the three-dimensional modeling that we get with BIM requires a new way of thinking with respect to architecture in general.

In the execution of a project with the use of BIM, it is crucial to plan objectives and the approach that will determine the viability of the project. According to the type of structure demanded, as a rule, we must educate the team, so everybody has the same goal and work with the same approach in order to achieve the same results; also assess the work of each team member, since all of them will give important contributions to the project as well as establishing objectives, so that the architectonic plan is successful and with the expected results.

Characteristics of Building Information Modeling

  1. Creation of parametric designs
  2. Less time invested in the making of a project
  3. Reduction of costs and time in the construction process
  4. Better programming skills of BIM tools
  5. Improvements in the interoperability

Three-dimensional Projects with BIM

Building Information Modeling allows the creation of any architectonic structure in 3D. In this sense, the client or the person who is requesting the project can see the interactive image and rendered animations of how the project will look like in physic reality.
Digital Structures Through the Use of BIM in ArchitectureWith BIM, we can visualize the reliable and totally viable results of the project.
One of the most important characteristics of BIM is that determines the risks of the project, which allows us to make a detailed study of the structure. This greatly helps the results of the project to be those expected by the client.

BIM World Wide

BIM is here to stay and in the actuality is a trend around the world. Europe and Spain have adopted this way of creating and designing innovative, sophisticated and sober projects and the most important, the implementation of BIM permits advance in the development of increasingly ambitious projects, due to their complexity, both formal and structural, and even management.

Use of BIM in echeverrimontes

As a team of architects specialized in ambitious and innovative projects we use BIM in all our designs since Building Information Modeling allows us to create the best architectonic proposals. With BIM we can analyze each detail of the project.

Taking advantage of BIM, we make an integral evaluation of the project from the conceptual stage, until the development of the building process itself, which represents economic benefits and efficiency during the processes for the client.

If you live in Colombia or abroad and you want to make a project with BIM technology, in echeverrimontes you will find the professional help that you need to make your ideas come true. Contact our team of experts in Building Information Modeling at +57 1 2350253 or leave a message in the contact form below. We will gladly assist you.

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