How is an Architectonic Project Evaluated at echeverrimontes?

July 09, 2018

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Architects of echeverrimontes Evaluating an Architectural ProjectFor the correct development of the architectonic project, it is necessary to fully understand the context, identify the determinants and establish clear objectives. Planning and structuring of projects are two processes that seek to align means that include the human, material and financial resources, with the general objective of the project, to meet the goal that as a firm of architects, we propose. Thus, while the project is an essential key in planning for the sustainable development, the plan is the mainstay where the major objectives and the course of activities to achieve them are established.

"The word project derives from the verb to project. Among the meanings conferred by the Real Academia Española to the verb to project are: think, trace, provide, and propose the plan and means for its execution. Likewise, in relation to the term project, it refers to a set of writings, calculations, and drawings that are made to give an idea of how an architecture or engineering project should be and what it would cost." (Rodriguez Cairo, Bao García, and Cardenas Lucero – 2008 - where they refer to the architectonic project).

The proposal of our firm of architects is the integral planning of an architectural project, beginning with its analysis and the identification of problems and needs. The first initiatives usually emerge from the client, in the case of participating as promoters, it is presented as the result of the identification of a business opportunity. From this moment on, it is very important to know how to define and formulate the main problem, in order to make a smart and organized planning exercise.

Once the main problem has been identified, a design space is opened to analyze the possible solutions within the framework of the proposed determinants. Here's where the main idea of the project arises, in its technical, architectonic and business aspects. The next stage will be the evaluation of the project, for which it is required to move on topics like costs and investment sources, organizational capacity, legal aspects, among other variables that determine the scope of the project in an integral manner.

In general, it can be said that any architectural project presents a certain risk level, which can be reflected in the implementation and development phase in faults and losses for the client or sponsors. During the evaluation phase of the project, it is vital to advance on risk analysis proposing mitigation strategies to ensure higher levels of success.

The implementation and development phase of the project includes the construction of the architectonic project. This phase in its self-requires specific planning processes where the availability of resources is evaluated in the framework of the work's programming. A good work's planning implies to perfectly coordinate the activities and processes to make an efficient resource management and ensure the success of the company.

Planning of an Architectonic Project
With the use of digital tools, our interdisciplinary team facilitates the collective participation and analysis of possible solutions within the design space created. The process is enriched with the implementation of computational design to the extent of the available computational capacity; the creativity is powered generating more opportunities to produce innovative, efficient, sustainable, appropriate and attractive solutions.
An Architect of echeverrimontes Evaluating an Architectural Project
An architectonic project presents several development phases:
The first set of activities include the architectonic project conceptualization and the development of the first design ideas. In this phase, data availability and computational capacity for data management increase the creative opportunity to generate solutions to the problem posed. Thus, digital tools exploitation like BIM platforms or a 3D modeling software as programming and data processing, allow the incorporation and analysis of a greater number of aspects related to the architectonic project.

The successive phases comprise the following sets of activities: the detailed development of the design and the technical and financial validation, with appropriate modeling and planimetric documentation. Right after, begins the implementation and construction phase. Post-construction, the idea is to provide technical follow-up to management and operational processes in order to ensure the quality of the project and the after-sales service.

At echeverrimontes we work to generate high-quality architectonic projects with a holistic and contemporary perspective. Likewise, we pay special attention to the quality of both space and experience, with the purpose of achieving innovative design proposals.

Whenever you need an architectonic proposal and specialized advice to evaluate an architectonic project, at echeverrimontes we are expert professionals able to guide you and make your architectonic dream come true. If you live in Colombia or abroad, call us at +57 1 2350253 or leave us a message in our contact form below. We will gladly assist you.

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