Importance of Choosing an Expert Team for an Architectural Project

November 28, 2018

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Importance of Choosing an Expert Team for an Architectural ProjectIn Colombia, the development of the architectural industry has been growing in the past ten years, implementing new technological strategies by means of innovative design software, that ultimately impact the generation of better results and intelligent proposals. The area of experimentation in architectural design represents a challenge for creative architects, inclined towards innovation and the sustainability of their projects. There are many important factors that an architect must take into account when undertaking an architectural project. Without a doubt, the most relevant is the planning and structuring of the project, to achieve quality and efficiency in the implementation stage, and execution of the work in time and within the budget.

At echeverrimontes, as professionals committed to performance, we are characterized by the quality of our work and the holistic approach of our designs, with a strong vision of project management and administration. We take advantage of our knowledge by using new techniques and technologies. Our 15 years of experience qualify our team as a firm of architects in Bogotá experts in the study and analysis of proposals that are based on technical, urban, topographic, economic and legal elements that influence the approach of the work and in its execution in the future.

What Function Does a Team of Professionals Accomplish in an Architectural Work?

A team of expert professionals is not only responsible for designing a project but also has the ability to lead the structuring of the project given their involvement in all the facets of it. The designer can generate strategies in the planning and design of the space, also establishes the constructive methodologies and recommends the qualities of the materials that can be arranged for the architectural work. A team of expert architects manages the production of drawings and design models and can advance analysis practices to make the environmental performance of the project a success.
Advice with an Important Expert Team
All these points are what a team of professionals should cover before starting an architectural work. In echeverrimontes, our interdisciplinary team of architects with innovative ideas offer advice on the design, planning, and structuring of the project, in urban planning and preservation plans, to make your project a success.

Stages to Undertake an Architectural Project

It is important to highlight that any architectural project or work arises from the need to create spaces that meet the requirements and the comfort conditions sought. An architectural project is made through a process developed in stages; involving different levels of analysis we seek to comply with the proposed objectives.

At echeverrimontes, we consider that a project must be oriented towards achieving the results within a set period of time, with a beginning and an end, taking care of the available resources. For this, in our firm, we do the planning of the architectural project, based on a previous research process that guides the design.

Planning is defined as the first phase of a project, in which the client seeks the advice of an expert group in the architectural industry, which guarantees compliance with the plan. In this stage, an analysis of the space and its function is carried out, as well as the risks of implementation, the study of the decisive characteristics of the site, the conditions of the land, the existing constructions, the allocated budget, and the execution time, among others.

The next stage consists of the interpretation of the client's needs and ideas, to establish the objectives of the project. It is important to emphasize that, in the analysis and interpretation of the project initiative, the team of architects studies the client's needs to adjust a proposal that is viable, taking into account the available resources in front of the demanded requirements.

In a weighted analysis of the exercise described, you can undertake the architectural project that the client wants according to the typology and local necessity, designing management strategies and monitoring the work to deliver the project in compliance with the proposed objectives. At echeverrimontes, our architects develop projects focused on sustainability, with a functional vision, making proposals with high quality.

Reasons Why You Should Choose an Architectural Expert Team

Every architectural project requires a series of processes to meet the desired objectives, efficiency in performance depends on the team of expert professionals involved, who must be able to analyze all the determinants, establish risks and mitigate its negative impacts. At echeverrimontes, we believe that these processes are vital for any architectural work that you want to perform. The areas of particular interest are:

Expert team of echeverrimontes
At echeverrimontes, we advise you to plan your project, taking into account aspects as important as the time and budget objectives, the project goals of the business, but above all an innovative and sustainable design. We care about managing interdisciplinary teams that guarantee the expected results.

Expert Architects in Bogotá

At echeverrimontes, we offer each and every one of the services that our clients need to undertake an architectural project. As professionals in the field of design, we provide free initial advice with an expert team to guide you in the consolidation of your initiatives. We are interested in supporting the development of new opportunities, enriching the evolution of innovative ideas through digital technologies that enhance our creativity, with the aim of finding efficient, sustainable, appropriate and attractive solutions.

We understand that the success of a good project depends on the planning strategies and the implementation processes of the work. That is why in echeverrimontes we focus on generating projects of excellence with a holistic perspective. We pay special attention to the space and the perception of it, seeking to achieve proposals for innovative designs throughout Colombia. Currently, the urban development plans must be sustainable and must stimulate the participation of communities and people, since its objective is to ensure the integral development of society, mitigating negative impacts on the environment.

If you wish to start an architectural project, do not hesitate to contact the firm of professional architects of echeverrimontes. Through our online consultancy, we can advise you on what are the best strategies for the realization of your architectural work. Contact us by +57 1 2350253 or by our WhatsApp (315) 6432260, you can also leave a message in the contact form located on this page. At echeverrimontes we propose an open conversation space to talk about the particular conditions of your project or your initiatives. Our purpose is to satisfy our clients' expectations, based on the vanguard, comfort, and sustainability of each project.

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