Influence of Parametric Design Principles on Interior Design

June 29, 2019

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Influence of Parametric Design Principles on Interior Design of a House.Parametric design consists of establishing and relating parameters to each other in order to generate design and architectural solutions. The field of parametric design promotes spaces that offer multiple alternatives to solve every problem that may come up, which makes it possible to introduce analysis and optimization processes that encompass a wide range of variables to create optimal, sustainable designs.

As an essential tool in parametric design, the algorithmic design is based on programmatic processes developed with a variety of languages. Each language has been developed with clear goals that are integrated into more complex design processes where different algorithms come together. Currently, the use of languages such as Processing has popularized among designers. Likewise, Specialized software such as Grasshopper, a plugin for Rhinoseros, and Dynamo for Revit are widely used by experts in the field.

At the same time, computational design strengthens the processes of experimentations and prototyping during the creation of a project, which brings great creative benefits. Digital manufacturing has become integrated with the design process, and it proposes a two-way dynamics between conceptualization, creation, manufacturing, and testing the product in each different stage of advancement in architecture. Nowadays, these tools are applied to innovative processes that encompass a variety of fields, from architecture and engineering (for homes, offices, civil construction, buildings), to interior design (furniture, ceilings, staircases, decorative items), and last but not least, product design.
Influence of Parametric Design Principles on Interior Design of a Modern House.At echeverrimontes our team of interior designers in Bogota considers that the basis of any project is a thorough analysis of the existing conditions, the identification of determining variables, and the ability to generate integrative solutions to ensure its sustainability from the economic, environmental and social point of view. Computational design has a lot to give to interior design and architecture when it comes to project design and integration of innovative, authentic parameters. That's why we're here to provide relevant information about the influence of parametric design on interior design.

What Is Parametric Design in Architecture?

Parametric design in architecture started in the 1960s with investigations of compositive systems that looked to define the relationships between the dependent dimensions in several parameters, according to the work of architect Luigi Moretti. Moretti used the design of a stadium as a reference point for his observations. He pointed out that optimal construction solutions can be achieved from nineteen parameters related to angles of vision and even the cost of concrete. Later on, another architect, Frei Otto, applied this methodology in the search for the right shape, which pushed the boundaries of the parameters from purely mathematical to esthetic concerns.
Parametric Design in Current Architecture - Related PostWith the developments in the fields of thinking, creativity, and technology, advancement in the field of parametric design has also become evident. An example of this is the investigation of patterns in nature conducted by architects, artists and scientists. This kind of investigation represents the evolution of the modern tradition of architecture into a new and groundbreaking status that includes interior design and urbanistic planning for a more holistic approach.

Pioneers of Parametric Design

These architects have been relevant in the field of parametric design:
Influence of Parametric Design Principles on Interior Design of a Modern Livingroom.When it comes to applying parametric design processes in interior design, it is important to open the possibilities of design. The optimization of space must be functional and all variables of interior design such as lighting, environmental quality, comfort, visuals, finishes, and furnishings must be integrated to achieve sophisticated and pleasant spaces.

Characteristics of Parametric Design:

Parametric design, when implemented in architectural design, multiplies the possible alternatives and stimulates the designer's creativity. Additionally, this type of composition allows a dynamic relationship between the designer and the computational capacity to benefit the standards of design with respect to the environmental context. These are some of the most important features of parametric design when applied to interior design:

Architectural Exploration

Parametric design encompasses all aspects of architecture and offers the possibility to work in many different ways. When it comes to shapes, parametric design provides great freedom in experimental processes since it pushes technical boundaries by allowing complex forms to be conceived and their building process planned in order to be taken to an optimal level of structure and manufacturing.
Influence of Parametric Design Principles on Interior Design of a House with Unique Spaces.Parametric design works with any kind of scale whether it's big or small, and experiments in the constructive design of furniture and buildings, as well as complex infrastructure projects. Parametric design also goes deeper and with great precision into the investigation of materials, structural calculations, construction processes and techniques.
Nowadays, there's a significant advance in the implementation of robots in construction.

Unique, Avant-Garde Designs

It is possible to include highly creative variables into parametric design, thanks to the implementation of computer technology in all digital design processes. All processes that used to be done intuitively are now calculated by computer. Parametric design is often compared to the way in which nature creates a living being or a mineral; that is, generatively. In architecture, generative algorithms are important not only in the formal field but also in the technical and operative fields. That is why the designer should take advantage of the technological media and their creative capacity to benefit all projects.

Relationship with Surrounding Conditions

Parametric design encompasses several variables, from the condition of a place with respect to its specific necessities, the client's demands or the financial validation of a project. In this way, the panorama of variables is wide, and a variety of adequate solutions can be generated for each case, always keeping in mind the careful consideration of all basic principles of design.

Influence of Parametric Design Principles on Interior Design with Innovative Furniture.

Esthetic Appeal

There is no doubt that parametric design is aesthetically impressive, beyond its functional advantages. Its distinguishable feature is the use of consecutive plans or layers that conjure up a sensation of movement and continuity. When parametric design is used in the interior planning of a home, it brings freshness, minimalism, personality, and exclusivity. In commercial venues, it helps reinforce branding and differentiation, and convey the idea of innovation and luxury.

Highly complex geometric compositions reflect an innovative esthetic and a renewed space. A variety of materials are used: some types of wood like pine, birch, cherry, and ebony offer a modern touch keeping the warmth of classic materials. Metal, on the other hand, is used too, in order to achieve an industrial finish. Synthetic or natural materials are commonly employed as well.

Expert Architects in Parametric Design

Design solves problems based on proprietary methods and processes, and it entails creative expression that can be applied to several fields, including architecture. Parametric design broadens the participation of designers in project structuring since it allows the integration of several variables. In the field of interior design, the scope of variables includes environmental and living ones to cater to furniture design. Additionally, it allows for the optimization of functional space in order to create highly comfortable and sustainable projects.
Influence of Parametric Design Principles on Interior Design of a Vanguardist House.In the practice of architecture, it is often necessary to push disciplinary boundaries to solve more complex problems. Parametric design gets nurtured from creative abilities, critical thinking, and even the designer's intuition in order to integrate a higher number or variables and approaches to solve problems through parallel or recursive schemes. Nowadays, disciplinary limits between architecture, design, math and engineering are blurred, which means that suitable answers to more complex problems are highly demanded.

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