Modern Spaces with an OpenPlan Design Approach

September 29, 2018

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Modern Spaces with an OpenPlan Design ApproachThe OpenPlan design has become a trend in the decoration of modern spaces, generating a continuous and fluid spatiality approaching new interior design and remodeling opportunities that integrate the said collective spaces. In residential architecture open schemes generally comprehend main spaces such as the kitchen, living room, dining room, and sometimes the study. These new spaces have also transformed domestic social patterns, facilitating a shared and participatory life within a society.

As Colombian architects, focused on creative and innovative processes, we work on the concept of open plants that we implement in each of our contemporary designs for modern spaces. echeverrimontes is a firm of professionals in design with more than 15 years of experience in the architectural market, highlighted by the quality of the projects we carry out and the use of the latest technologies in the computer design industry.

Beginnings of the OpenPlan Concept in Modern Spaces

In the modern tradition, architects such as Mies Van der Rohe or Norman Foster, developed a research practice in design working with continuous open spaces, initially for domestic architecture and thereafter for industrial plants. Little by little, the concept was integrated into hybrid spaces, where living and working in one place became an attraction for small-scale creatives and industries. This way came to be born the widely known concept of the loft, especially in New York and some places of London.

Render of Modern Speces with an OpenPlan Design Approach by echeverrimontesDuring the 60s and 70s, architects and interior designers used to work with versatile spaces that were adapted to the conditions and needs dictated by the social and business dynamics. They sought to take advantage of elements such as furniture and lighting, without affecting the fluidity of the continuous space wanted. After these proposals, the OpenPlan, or Planta Libre style is gradually adopted in projects of different sizes and scales, derived in concepts such as minimum spaces to inhabit, in which the fluid and integrated space generate opportunities to take advantage of very small areas with multifunctional furniture.

Within the architectural design of modern spaces, the detailing of the space is the most relevant elements of a composition, even using avant-garde minimalist interior design. By integrating the different environments in the same space, it is possible to achieve a more efficient scheme and facilitate mobility within it. The concept of open and fluid spaces integrates day-to-day activities with spaces for work that perfectly adhere to the new trends of collective activity and creative environments.

From the industrial revolution, new materials and construction techniques make it possible to generate a continuous spatiality, without structural constraints, which multiplies the functional possibilities for the composition. Thus, traditional architecture of heavy walls, closed spaces, and long corridors, give rise to open spaces that are very well lit and ventilated. Currently, the design of large modern spaces, in which different social activities are carried out (residential, work, etc.) or even recreational, allows providing versatile spaces with multiple possibilities that host creative or collaborative environments typical of new trends in space design.

Role of the OpenPlan Concept in Modern Spaces

The OpenPlan concept seeks to project a more dynamic architecture, in which the possibilities of functional space are enhanced. In addition, new fields in interior design are opened to experiment, removing physical barriers and promoting social interaction. That is why at echeverrimontes we are a reference for professionals in Colombia thanks to our commitment to excellence, always pursuing the success and sustainability of projects through design. Our experience enables us to meet the expectations of your spaces' design through modern and original ideas that provide the comfort we wish to reflect.

Colombian Architects Experts in Interior Design and Remodeling

The concept OpenPlan or Planta Libre is a trend that with the passage of time continues to gain interest within a generation that is transformed and renewed every day by means of technology. At echeverrimontes we create versatile and open spaces through our projects both in offices and in homes with an innovative vision. We understand the importance of generating a high-quality integral space, where the activities of contemporary life are enhanced through spatial and compositional qualities such as lighting, proportion, materiality, and color. The concept of open space provides and promotes diverse activities that enhance creativity and interaction between people.

Modern Spaces with an OpenPlan Design Approach as a Vanguard ProposalAt echeverrimontes we take advantage of the opportunities to create open, dynamic spaces, in which nature is also involved as a fundamental part of a harmonious environment since a modern space will reflect the new trends and will show the space as a life trigger for the society through the contemporary design.

Searching to innovate the design of your home or office implementing the latest trends in OpenPlan design or Planta Libre, at echeverrimontes we propose rich and attractive environments, maintaining attention and focus on the objectives of our clients, their preferences, and budget. At echeverrimontes our team is highly qualified to support you and offer you all our experience and creativity.

echeverrimontes is a reference firm in integral architectural design in Colombia, always enhancing the holistic style that characterizes us. If you want to carry out an Open Plan style project, do not hesitate to contact the experts at +57 1 2350253 WhatsApp contact +57 1 23502532 or leave a message in the contact form located on this page. At echeverrimontes we propose an initial telephone consultation without additional cost. Our goal is to satisfy the expectations of our clients based on the comfort and elegance of our designs. Our team will gladly assist you and advise you to solve your concerns.

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