Office Remodeling Under the Coworking Approach

July 31, 2018

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An Office Designed for CoworkingNowadays, Colombian architects have the great challenge of building harmonious workplaces that have as main objective to keep a good labor performance, this is possible thanks to the innovation of interior design and the necessity of creating new environments that help to encourage creativity and new ideas development. Having a suitable office design – as well as anywhere in the world – is considered a determinant factor when it comes to measure and boost productivity among the staff.

Believe it or not, remodeling a traditional office can generate a better work environment as well as increase workers' productivity, designing an open and comfortable space with a good commonplace; this tendency in office designs promotes teamwork, creativity, brainstorming and hence, the continuous innovation and labor efficiency for the development of the project in different scales.

According to Exeter University in the United Kingdom, an office innovative design can increase productivity by 17 % compared to ordinary offices with cubicles and functional distributions, thus, architects around the world have focused on the task of leaving behind the traditional office design, in order to implement and promote the work in pleasant spaces that encourage the staff to express, feel comfortable and to be proactive.

Coworking Approach

There are important companies that have benefited already from the implementation of this kind of spaces. Giants like Microsoft, IBM, Google, among others, have been implementing the coworking concept seeking to help SMEs and freelances to have a better performance in business. In fact, Google already has an initiative called Campus in cities like Sao Paulo, Madrid, Berlin, London, where entrepreneurs from different niches have the possibility to work in a shared place, where collaboration, productivity, and ideas exchange reign.

But, What is Coworking?

Coworking is a way of working where independent professionals from different sectors converge in the same space while developing their business. As mentioned before, spaces in a company make the difference when it comes to its productivity to obtain satisfactory results, either implementing a 'shared space' dynamic within a company or any other initiative that joins entrepreneurs in the same place.

Google is the best example of the coworking concept implementation. The colossal internet company, takes this philosophy very seriously to warrantee its personnel's productivity, providing them with free, comfortable and out-of-the-ordinary spaces in order to avoid stress and frustration feelings, in return, they feel confident to express their ideas with the motivation to accomplish projects with the best outcomes.
A Remodeled Office for Coworking
Coworking spaces at Google include recreation areas, completely open workstations, sleeping areas, hammocks, hanging or pouf furniture scattered throughout the room. The concept of 'zero divisions' invites the staff to leave the conventional environment that one would find in a working day and instead, enjoy of a pleasant workplace where brainstorm flow along with co-workers, in order to achieve goals faster and more dynamically.

Coworking in Office Remodeling

Nowadays, any booming enterprise should apply the coworking approach or any other way that encourages workers' creativity. It's time to think about having an office makeover that takes advantage of the shared spaces to boost the company's results. According to Coworking Spain, this approach provides five main benefits to the company. They are the following:

In this sense, the task is in the architect's hands to carry out innovative designs that meet all the elements related to the coworking approach, likewise, necessary parameters are adapted to warrantee a better proactivity among workers.

Office Design and Shared Spaces by echeverrimontes' Architects

When studying an office design project, it is vital that architects understand the space and know how to manage it to materialize new, innovative and attractive ideas, so that the office remodeling is a success and fulfills all the client's wishes and coworking characteristics, for them to enjoy the benefits that this approach brings with it.

echeverrimontes is a Colombian architects' firm that always strive to give you the best recommendations regarding design and space; we serve our clients based on the request they make us so that both parties have clear ideas and the project returns the expected results.

Whenever you need to perform an office remodeling and need the advice of Colombian architects in the country or abroad, echeverrimontes is your best choice. A group of office design experts in Bogotá waits to help you create an optimal and functional coworking space. If you live abroad, you can also enjoy our architectural and design services. Contact us at +57 1 2350253 or leave us a message in our contact form below. We will be glad to assist you.

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