Shared Offices: Evolution of the Work Environment to Collaborative Spaces

March 29, 2019

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Shared Offices: Evolution of the Work Environment to Collaborative SpacesTechnological evolution has transformed the work habits of both freelancers and organizations, involving work environments and their way of perceiving them. These advances modify any structure and favor the appearance of collaborative spaces, also known as coworking. These environments positively influence the activities of each work, using new methodologies and social dynamics. That is why, thanks to the growing demand of entrepreneurs who want to adapt their common spaces in collaborative environments, this design has become one of the major trends for offices remodeling. Collaborative spaces promote communication and interrelation between individuals in the workplace and, in turn, generate alternatives coupled to their different interests, and even to their varied moods and need for concentration in each activity.

Interior design and remodeling with the coworking approach is characterized by versatility, spatial articulation, functionality, and continuity to stimulate creativity, interdisciplinarity, horizontal organizations and the social dynamics of users. At echeverrimontes, as expert professionals in office remodeling, we know everything about the different designs and modalities that are applied in the work area, in order to encourage team activities and project creative environments. For this reason, having an office design in Bogotá where users' needs are met is a determining factor when measuring and increasing productivity in the workplace. Next, we will provide you with information about what you need to know about the contemporary concept of coworking.

What is the Purpose of the Shared Offices?

The concept of dynamic spaces is a trend that highlights the design of offices framed in a change related to work activities and tasks. Collaborative spaces in work areas are environments that offer the user the necessary flexibility in terms of furniture, as well as technological resources and spatial quality to stimulate the creative and productive development of professionals, and their different moods. This type of space also encourages communication, the generation and exchange of ideas, the formation of teams and, at the same time, provides opportunities for the development of individual work, concentration, and privacy that professional performance demands.
Shared Offices: Evolution of the Work Environment to Collaborative Spaces Has a Purpose.Architecturally, collaborative work environments are based on versatile schemes of functional distribution of spaces, which describe different areas according to the type of activity, whether they are workspaces in teams or for independent professionals, social areas, spaces for rest and relaxation. Without a doubt, the coworking style is an avant-garde trend, which is demanded nowadays by businessmen all over the world to implement the interior design in their organizations, since it increases the productive quality of the users, together with their potentials and satisfies their different needs; this concept stimulates the creativity and effectiveness of professionals working in the same space.

Advantages of Collaborative Spaces

At echeverrimontes we advance in the conceptualization of collaborative spaces at work, convinced that this coworking design adds value to organizations and greater versatility in their spaces, which is reflected in cost reduction, efficiency in the use of resources, use of the maximum potential of its employees, and the stimulation of synergies, dynamic, and interdisciplinary professional environments.

One of the most important characteristics of collaborative spaces and their functional proposal is that they allow evolution and adaptability to the changes presented throughout the use of said work environments. It is essential to understand that the work dynamics change according to the type of projects or technologies implemented. For that reason, collaborative spaces and their coworking schemes must be in constant transformation, adapted to modernity and the users' needs.
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Keys to Design Shared Offices

When an office remodeling is undertaken, must be taken into account the type of activities carried out in that space, the time users use the offices and the number of people who frequent it, according to the daily schedule. The key is to understand in depth how is the culture of the organization to meet the specific needs of collaborative work or meet the different demands of users who use these spaces.

Remodeling with a coworking approach creates dynamic spaces without major structural reforms, but it requires an expert team in architecture with the ability to perform spatial conceptualization and, at the same time, have the necessary techniques to meet the requirements of each area to be designed. The architecture applies intelligent design, telecommunications technology, lighting, and appropriate materials in the offices to generate high levels of comfort for people who work in shared spaces.
Shared Offices: Evolution of the Work Environment to Collaborative Spaces to Dream TeamTherefore, the architect must do an investigation on the design, according to the scale of the project, that attends the structuring and parameters of each initiative, to generate spatiality, functionality, comfort and efficiency in the use of the adequate resources, so that the project is successful and meets the specific expectations of the client.

Architects Experts in Office Design

At echeverrimontes we are a firm of professionals who work with the objective of creating substantial projects, using intelligent design and optimization of resources. Thanks to our 15 years of experience in the architectural market and the knowledge acquired, our team of experts knows, in detail, each of the phases of an office remodeling and has the skills to advise the client based on the initiatives of the company. each project, always achieving the best results as well as the proposed objectives.

Therefore, if you want to undertake an office remodeling and need the advice of a Colombian architects firm, echeverrimontes is your best alternative. We have a group of professional experts in the design of offices in Bogota that will help you create an optimal and functional coworking space. Contact us at +57 1 2350253 or by our WhatsApp (315) 6432260, you can also leave a message in the contact form below on this page. At echeverrimontes we'll be glad to assist you and offer you all our architectural and design services. Contact Us!

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