The 4 Phases of Your Architectural Project in Our Hands

August 29, 2019

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The 4 Phases of Your Architectural Project in Our HandsWhere do you start an architectural project? Clients frequently ask this question when they want to plan a home, office or building. Our experts at echeverrimontes architects understand that professional assessment in project structuring and planning is necessary to analyze and identify the determining variables of a structure and delineate the objectives of a project.

The planning of an architectural project includes two fundamental concepts: assessment of variables, and systematic outlining of technical, financial, and legal aspects. To fulfill these concepts, our firm performs an integral analysis of the context of the project and predicts its success according to our clients' expectations. Later on, we design a process outline and a project phase to ensure optimal results and creative problem-solving throughout all stages.

At echeverrimontes, we meet the highest standards for quality and sustainability in all our architectural projects. In this blog post, we'll be sharing our knowledge about the phases of an architectural project, so as to provide you with useful information in case you want to start your own.
4 Phases of Your Architectural Project in Our Hands

Stages of an Architectural Project

At echeverrimontes architects, our team members create a collaborative atmosphere where dynamic and creative interaction are favored. Our architects are committed to fulfilling clients' expectations by delivering integral designs. To achieve our objectives, we implement clear communication strategies that guarantee open discussion to foster creativity among all team players, always guaranteeing the client's participation.

As professionals in each area of architecture, we know that it is necessary to foster analysis and creative evaluation of all possible solutions while planning a project and maximizing its chance for success. These are the stages of an architectural project:
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1. Pre-Design: Project Analysis and Planning

At echeverrimontes architects, we think that pre-design is essential for a successful architectural project since this is where the determining variables are studied and discussed by the team based on the client's expectations. This phase includes design and experimentation with several alternatives to find the ones that best suit the project.

We are committed professionals who put their creative power to the service of your project. In this phase is where clear objectives for the project's materialization are proposed.

Conceptual planning of a project is fundamental to clearly establish objectives. Once these have been formulated, brainstorming innovative ideas will create a space of design to evaluate the potential of the project and make conscious decisions in agreement with all the variables.

2. Feasibility Study

Once the project has been formulated, it's time to consciously analyze all technical, financial, and legal matters involved in order to make accurate choices to fit any scenario of feasibility. This stage of the project involves the creation of different scenarios and the formulation of a joint analysis to fulfill all variables involved according to the clients' expectations.
4 Phases of Your Architectural Project in Our Hands

3. Project Design (Schematic Design)

Project design starts with a problem statement and an objective analysis of variables. The creative solution to the project is structured as research advances and new technical, architectural, financial, and legal ideas and options are considered.

Our team of expert architects has the ability to implement state-of-the-art technology such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) software. This is the type of computer-generated design that uses software like Rhino and Grasshopper with programmatic management of data. It allows us to have an objective analysis of the objectives to ensure the success of the project and promote environmental preservation.

Through computer design, echeverrimontes architects generate clearly formulated designs and experiments with innovative solutions that always satisfy our clients.

4. Design Development

Once the project's objectives have been defined and the conditions for feasibility have been ensured, the project is ready to be implemented and materialized. The experts of echeverrimontes architects are in charge not only of the design process but also the supervision of the project, to make sure that the clients' expectations and objective goals are met at every step of the process.

Our professional objective commits us to our projects from the initial stages to their final definition and materialization. Our teamwork perspective pushes us to make multidisciplinary workgroups to cover a holistic structuring of the project.
Your Architectural Project in Our Hands

Firm of Qualified Professionals in Architectural Projects

At echeverrimontes architects, we use the latest technologies and our team's creative power to enrich all phases of project planning. We are committed to generating innovative, efficient, sustainable, and attractive solutions.

During the evaluation phase of the project at echeverrimontes architects, we know that it's necessary to formulate a risk analysis and mitigation strategies to ensure successful results. We observe all quality expectations and goals to avoid inconveniences during the development of the project and after it has been completed.

If you wish to start an architectural project and you need an expert team, echeverrimontes is your best option. Our broad experience and the quality of our results make us the first choice for architectural firms in Colombia. Reach us at
+57 1 2350253 o via WhatsApp (315) 6432260. You can also leave a message in our contact form on this page. At echeverrimontes architects, we will be happy to assess your project.

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