Top 5 of the Smartest Buildings in the World

October 29, 2018

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Top 5 of the Smartest Buildings in the WorldToday's technological development is progressing faster every day. This transformation also impacts the smart design, the architectural spatial conception and the multifunctionality, which is continuously adapted to the needs of a millennial generation. These innovations have as a purpose the use of new tools and knowledge for the creation of more complex architectural structures, that require more ambitious integral processes to turn them into projects with technical, financial and legal viability.

At echeverrimontes we are creative and innovative professionals who work in function of technological development by means of highly professional designs, framed in novel tendencies looking for the sustainability that characterizes us as a reference in the Colombian market. Our architecture firm pursues the efficiency of a spatial composition and its functionality is enriched through a holistic conception, as are intelligent buildings.

The computational design in architecture aims to use a software as a basis for creative and technical development. The complementation between the designer and the computer allows reaching the most complex limits. As Colombian architects, we support and promote the progress of society through the construction of smart buildings that benefit the cultural and economic development of society, driven by the implementation of the most advanced technology. At echeverrimontes we forge our projects based on the efficiency and the avant-garde architectural comfort, with modern and smart tendencies, always inclined towards cutting-edge technologies in the analysis and architectural conception.

Smart Design

Smart Buildings Interacting with each otherThis methodology focuses on the application of detailed techniques and practices that provide solutions adapted to the needs of the user to provide a better quality of life. At echeverrimontes we apply the smart design based on the perspective of the use of spaces according to the environmental conditions available, whether it is ventilation or natural lighting, as well as functional and operational determinants, which characterize smart design as an integral advance. The development of computational design is based on the construction of networks composed of creative minds and computational capacity, to open wider fields of design in which the multiplicity of solutions allows the evaluation of more complex projects, generating bigger innovative ideas and more ambitious solutions.

Smart Design Characteristics

Smart design has relevant characteristics such as:
Smart Building The Crystal in London

Smart Buildings in the World

Computer design has been a stimulus for creativity in the contemporary field of architecture to generate different proposals in the world, which not only use new materials and incorporate new technologies but adapt very well to the environment and take advantage of environmental resources more efficiently, reducing negative impacts. That is why at echeverrimontes we show you which are the 5 most important smart buildings worldwide:
  1. The Crystal – London
    The Crystal is located in London, England, and is considered one of the most sustainable buildings worldwide. It does not use heating, construction emits 70% less CO2 than any office and 100% of the water used for toilet hygiene is recycled because its smart design implements ground heat pumps to generate its own energy and collects rainwater to maintain the bathrooms and the irrigation system. In addition, this building uses the technology available to charge the electric cars and the cleaning area is in charge of robots. Its façade gives meaning to its name, a sophisticated and elegant glass.

  2. The Edge - Amsterdam
    This is another architectural work located in Amsterdam, Holland, and is ranked as the most intelligent office complex in the world. It has a system that monitors, analyzes and organizes the activities performed and grants the amount of light or temperature that the user desires. The atrium is covered with solar panels that produce more energy than they consume, and its geographical location allows the entry of natural light into the interior, so they reduce the use of energy simultaneously. It also stores rainwater for use in toilets and irrigation of green areas.
  3. Smart Building The Edge in Amsterdam
  4. Leadenhall - London
    Leadenhall is a smart building built in London, England, and its design responds to the temperature and direction of the sun because it houses 293 energy meters, along with a method of water collection, smart elevators and continuous ventilation every seven floors so that the air circulates freely. Its avant-garde style adheres a triple layer of glass with blinds that keep the ventilation of the space cool.

  5. Port of Portland - Oregon
    The port of Portland built in Oregon, United States, was built with recycled materials and has a heating and cooling system, from a land source connected by a closed circuit 90 meters underground. At the same time, it also works with a recycling method for the use of bathrooms and cooling towers.
  6. Smart Building Leadenhall on London
  7. Headquarters of Siemens - Mascar, Cite- Abu Dhabi
    This last work was built in the United Arab Emirates. The desert of Abu Dhabi is the scene where the great technological advances are reflected since this construction saves 63% of energy and reduces water consumption by 52%. As for its design, its façade has an aluminum coating that minimizes the effects of the sun and the conditions of the geographical space, but in turn, maximizes the light by means of "wings" that move to take advantage of the sun.
A truly smart space perceives technology as the best instrument to carry out its purpose. echeverrimontes is positioned in the use of the most innovative technologies in architectural design. When it comes to smart buildings, our team of professionals leads its efforts to produce appropriate, innovative and very attractive proposals.

Whenever you want to undertake an architectural work and need architects who are experts in computer design, do not hesitate to contact us at +57 1 2350253 or our WhatsApp +57 1 23502532, you can also leave a message on the contact form below on this page. As experts, we propose an initial telephone consultation without additional cost, since our objective is to satisfy our clients' expectations, based on the vanguard and comfort of each project. At echeverrimontes, our team of architects will gladly assist you to help you solve your concerns. Contact Us.

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