Building Information Modeling

Our firm seeks to improve processes by integrating all project data into a central BIM (Building Information Modeling) model to verify the consistency of the project. This technology allows us to oversee the technical coordination of the project, simulate the work, forecast expenses, and avoid unexpected changes, complementing the interdisciplinary work of the professional design, financial, and cost team. Structuring the process holistically through technology-based engineering that creates and uses digital models in 3D to improve the performance of the structuring and management of design and construction projects.

A set of services related to Building Information Modeling from a constructive standpoint that is comprised of structural and architectural components, MEP, programming and monitoring, including the calculation of quantities and material assessments.

The BIM project model, including urban, architectural, and structural information, is done in real time, which can be accessed by the project team during the same 3D modeling process. Our firm promotes the incorporation of interdisciplinary project structuring teams in the areas of work planning, analysis, and monitoring, as well as during the duration of the project for the purposes of monitoring and control. It is important to note that BIM technology implies that we are working with a database that is support by 3D models, which is called intelligent because it combines and transforms information from different sources into an analyzable form, such as design, costs, and determinants of sustainability.

Among the services we offer, there are complementary activities that we can integrate into the design process and extend the scope of use of the following technology:

At echeverrimontes, we have a team that is highly trained to structure projects using BIM technology. We have an advanced design laboratory for computational design procedures and project plans. To get a quote and learn more about our work, contact us now at +57 1 2350253 or fill out the form on this page. Our team will be pleased to assist you.