Portable Pavilion Charlie Hebdo Description

Our proposal for the contest of architectural ideas for the Charlie Hebdo Portable Pavilion. The aim of this proposal was to create an exhibition space that brought the entire community together around the importance of freedom of expression. This pavilion could travel around the world with a positive message about the importance of the right to freedom of expression, considering that this right is not recognized in many parts of the world.

"Recent events in Europe have shown how the civil liberties that we often take for granted are denied to many around the world."
Charlie Hebdo

Ministries Project, Historical Center Bogota Description

Our proposal for the public contest of ideas, "Ministries Project in the Historical Center of Bogotá, D.C." On this occasion, we aimed for the best urban and volumetric design proposal for the intervention of the polygons 1 and 2 of the Ministries Project blocks in the historic center of Bogotá.

Memory Museum Description

Our proposal for the International Architectonic Contest to Design the National Museum of Memory, which was organized by the National Center for Historical Memory and the Colombian Society of Architects. This project was intended to strengthen the collective memory of the incidents Colombia's recent history of violence. This museum, according to law, must carry out actions aimed at restoring the dignity of the victims and spreading the truth about what happened.