Innovation Hub

At echeverrimontes, we offer comprehensive, architectonic design services and solutions. We use the most innovative methodologies and we have a team that is specialized in design, planning, project management, and construction. Learn more about each of our services here:

Within the objectives of a innovation hub should be the inclusion of different design processes and methodologies, like generators and promoters of innovation. These improvements, specifically in the context of Latin America, should be done within the framework of economic viability, environmental protection, cultural preservation, and respect for social inclusion. It's necessary that innovation hubs lead the exploration of urbanism, materials, techniques, and processes that are common within the territory. Additionally, our firm is able to integrate digital manufacturing and prototypes into the design process to help creative exploration.

At echeverrimontes, we have an innovation hub that is suitable for advanced research and cutting-edge proposals. In our laboratory, we have a team that is oriented toward creating innovative and viable structures that preserve the environment.