Paula Echeverri participated in the Marble Breeze Experimental Workshop in Paris

December 05, 2018

Paula Echeverri Montes participated in the Marble Breeze Expertimental WorkshopLast November 20th was held at the Tokyo Palace, in Paris, the Marbel Breeze Experimental Workshop, which was attended by professionals in the area such as Paula Echeverri Montes, Paul Carneau, Wale Allouche, Adrien Rigobello (Design By Data ) and Tariq Heyboer.

Members of the Thr34d5 team of designers, with the support of the Aerocene organization, and the team of Tomás Saraceno - On Air, exhibited new techniques and methodologies of open data management, electronics, computational design, at the event with the objective to use and visualize data through creative processes to generate environmental awareness.

Paula Echeverri Montes showed the work done with her team echeverrimontes, led by Felipe Gutiérrez, for the management of the databases that the world offers with information about the environment. The CEO and founder of the firm presented the development of an algorithm that automates the process to download data and make information available. The algorithm was implemented through a plugin for Grasshopper, within the scope of Rhino which is a software widely used today for architectural design.

Marble Breeze Expertimental WorkshopWithin the event that finished on November 25th, were given examples of data visualization in 3D and 2D geographic projections. Finally, the creative work that the team is currently developing was presented, based on the computational simulation of thermodynamics and fluids, using the databases worked to obtain the generating data.

Undoubtedly, this workshop served as a catalyst for knowledge and development of skills in each of the participants, designers, architects, and artists. It is worth mentioning the intervention of Peter Q, participant of the event, who referred to it as a transformer experience, as his appreciation of the data went from a static to a fluid concept.

echeverrimontes' firm is an expert team of creative and innovative architects who work with a holistic and sustainable approach in all their projects. Thanks to their high-quality standards in architectural design and more than 15 years of experience, echeverrimontes are recognized throughout the Colombian territory. It should be noted that these architects evolve every day, based on the new tools that the technological market offers them, but at the same time, they seek to mitigate environmental damage through intelligent architecture.