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The Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni Recognizes Paula Echeverri-Montes

December 11, 2017

Arquitectos Bogotá, logo de la asociación de alumnos exitososPaula Echeverri Montes is an outstanding architecture professional with more than 25 years of experience in the architectonic field. She is the founder of echeverrimontes, an architectural firm with nearly 20 years of success in Colombia.

echeverrimontes has a unique, interdisciplinary team that is highly qualified to tend to all aspects of an architectonic project. Her team specializes in evaluating risks, structuring architectonic projects and designs of all sizes and scales, preservation, and civil work. Also, Echeverri Montes and her team can offer innovative services in the field of computational design.

Echeverri Montes has a master's degree in historical preservation at Columbia University and another one in design and management of architectonic projects at IE Business School. Nowadays, she lives in Colombia and is pursuing a master's degree in computational design at École des Pots et Chaussées ParisTech. Besides being part of the Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni, she is also member of the Colombian Society of Architects, and dedicates her free time to computer programs and enjoys exercising.

For more information about this member of the Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni, visit the associates directory on the association's official site. She would love to get in touch with you.