Paula Echeverri Montes


Paula Echeverri Montes has established a professional practice focused on achieving success and sustainability through the power of high-quality holistic design. She actively participates in the planning and risk assessment process while structuring projects, relying on a responsible and collaborative teamwork approach. Additionally, she distinguishes herself by applying computational thinking to both digital design and manufacturing.

Several key principles guide her practice: profitability, creativity, sustainability, and collaboration. Through her work, she showcases innovative computational thinking, applying it to problem-solving and the development of design proposals that ultimately fulfill the aspiration for a better living.

Skills 🎯

International Speaker 🗣

In addition to her thriving professional and teaching career, Paula Echeverri Montes actively engages audiences as a sought-after speaker at national and international events.

Her expertise spans various critical topics in the AEC industry, including:

  • Digital Transformation in Architecture: Embracing innovative technologies to reshape practices and enhance efficiency.
  • Engineering and Construction: Bridging the gap between design and execution for seamless project delivery.
  • Collaborative BIM Project Management: Leveraging BIM methodology for interoperable workflows and optimized collaboration.
  • The Metaverse and Architecture: Exploring the intersection of virtual and physical spaces and their impact on design.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Architecture: Harnessing AI's potential for design optimization, automation, and decision-making.
  • Computational Design for Business Growth: Utilizing computational tools to unlock new business opportunities.

Interested in engaging Paula as a speaker for your forum, company, or institution? We invite you to contact us to discuss her availability and tailor a presentation aligned with your specific needs.


About our firm

Echeverrimontes is a Colombian architectural design firm with more than 25 years of experience, great recognition and excellent reputation in the local market. We pride ourselves on our professional, creative, and open-minded approach, emphasizing teamwork and leadership throughout the design process. We believe innovative and holistic design is the cornerstone of successful business plans in the realm of architectural and urban development.