Case studies

Digital Transformation at Gustavo Perry Arquitectos

Our work with Gustavo Perry, the challenges posed and some of the first results on his path towards digital transformation.

Proposal for the preservation and comprehensive intervention of the CIT in Bogotá

We share an intervention proposal developed in 2019 for the comprehensive preservation of the Tequendama International Center.

Consultancy at the District Institute of Tourism of Bogotá

A project that contributed to positioning the city within the World Network of Smart Tourist Destinations.

3D laser scanning project at the University of Antioquia, MedellĂ­n

Learn how our work helped clarify the causes of a pattern of deterioration in the Paraninfo building.

Using GHopperGIS on the Bogotá Metro

We share a preview of our implementation of GIS data management technology in the Metro.

Heritage preservation in the old sector of the Municipality of Barichara

Echeverrimontes worked alongside IDOM in updating the Special Management and Protection Plan for the old sector of the municipality of Barichara.

Our contribution to the GUN Project

We present the GUN project, an addition of value to cultural heritage.

Architectural design of the Collaborative Space in Health

We present the architectural design project for a collaborative space for health professionals located in Bogotá.

Urbanization project in Santa Bárbara (Cali)

We present the urbanization project in Santa Bárbara, Cali, prepared in conjunction with the firm UR Arquitectos in 2018.